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         Torrance Council of PTAs

Have a Great Summer!
See you back at school on September 10th


Last day of School - Thursday, June 18th office closes at 3:00pm
Friday, June 19th - 9:00am - Noon
June 22nd - June 30th  - 9:00am - 1:00pm
Office will be closed from July 1st - August 17th

Any new students to the district  please click here to see the
TUSD Welcome Center for enrollment info.


Program Date and Time
Monday - Thursday
August 3rd - August 20th
9:00am - Noon

On the first day please arrive by 8:40am to get your schedule.
This is an invitation only program
for incoming 6th, 7th and 8th grade only 
 If you have any questions please email Ms. Nunes at LNunes@tusd.org



 Due Now
Proof of TdapVaccine 

All 6th grade students MUST show proof of receiving their T-DAP vaccine (whooping cough vaccine required by the state of California), before your student may enter 7th grade. Please bring a copy to the health office at Magruder as soon as possible. You may reach Mrs. Nielsen at 310-533-4527 x8883 or mnielsen@tusd.org if you have any questions.


Did you get the new Magruder Newsletter on May 21st?  

The new "Magruder Report" is being created by the PTSA and will replace the regular eblasts.  Because it is in a different format, if you did not recieve it, please check your "Spam" folder.  If you still can't see it then email Alicia Allen at: mommy43kidz@yahoo.com



Drop Off/Pick Up: Please be considerate of others and pull as far forward when dropping off students.  All gates along Osage Street are open in the morning and by pulling forward we reduce the backup of cars waiting to drop off.  Thank you for your help

Cafeteria and Lunch Program Info is on the TUSD website (TUSDFoodService.org

Textbooks: All textbooks that are checked out to students must have a book cover on them with their full name, title of book, teacher, and period number. Paper bags work the best or you can buy JUMBO size stretchy covers.   Please no adhesive covers, as they do damage the books over time. Students must bring textbooks to class daily (unless teacher directs otherwise). 



All New Student Enrollment  (Students New to the Torrance Unified School District):

Beginning August 4, 2014, all new student enrollments will be processed at Torrance Unified School District’s Family Welcome Enrollment Center, located at 2336 Plaza del Amo, directly across from the main District Office.  For more information please call 310-972-6280 or see the district website at www.tusd.org.  



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